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Audio-visual corporate communications materials are intended for a specific purpose, in a corporate or business environment, created for a targeted audience. These can be developed for products and services marketing and promotions, employee training and development, public relations and corporate communications, and documentation for special events.

Audiences today are surrounded by visual media, and they are much more tech savvy and expect more than traditional written media, they want to be engaged. Today, your brand can get its message out through a host of hi-tech sources, including mobile devices, the Internet, and HD TV. You must engage your audience by creating smart and innovative methods using affordable video, sound, 3D and animated flash elements.

Corporate Video Development is a very efficient and cost effective method to get a consistent message out to your employees, sales and management teams, partners and investors, and prospects and customers. Today’s HD Video technologies have enabled brands to economically communicate to a mass audience in a consistent, entertaining, and affordable format.

Our team will work closely with you from concept to completion, including our expertise from script to screen, everything needed to create an effective and affordable corporate communication piece.

video pre-production

before the camera starts filming

Pre-production is the planning stage, a process that takes place before the camera starts filming. Creating concepts, content development, storyboards, location scouting locations, planning helps you best plan and budget for the best  video production experience

bringing your project to life

The Post  Production development starts after Production is complete.  It is when the video is edited, audio and music mixed, animations and illustrations created and special effects added, bringing your project to life.

bringing your project to life

Production is the shooting stage of your shoot, which includes cinematography, audio, lights, as well as directing, art and effects.  It also can includes setup, hair and makeup and  teleprompting and directing services.