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goals aligned

aligned towards a common purpose

When people are aligned towards a common purpose, with clear direction, and concise instruction, the power of that momentum will shape behaviors, shift attitudes, and create positive results at every level of the organization.


The key to continuous improvement is education, application, and measured results that are tied directly to the organization's goals.

curriculm development


We offer three levels of curriculum development, each designed to meet the various goals of each unique organization. All of our pre-developed Suites, Semi Customized Courses and fully Customized Courses have intuitive navigation and are designed to support HRIS, SCORM and AICC learning standards. The platforms are both Windows and Macintosh compatible.

All course and suites are flashed based eLearning and can be developed to include embedded supplements in popular formats.

Our library series of elearning courses

Our Library Series of Pre-developed online training suites, on relevant business topics, can be licensed through our catalog of over 600 courses, available in Suites of 5 per topic catagory. Company colors and branding can be incorporated.

Smaller businesses wanting online training, without the need of a full Learning Management Solution (LMS), can take advantage of our subscription based service with many of the features of our LMS Platform Solution, making a affortable alternative.

branded library series

Level Two uses our Level One Content, and takes it up a notch with some client specific customization with curriculum enhancements such as video, custom graphics and client branding.

Client can add specific related content, audio, video, and interactive simulations. Company culture, colors and branding are incorporated to appear fully customized.

custom course development

Curriculum developed per client specifications into online interactive training modules. Training content can be developed from existing materials in conjunction with companies own Subject Matter Expert interviews.

We can customize to Include audio, video, graphics, animations, interactive simulations and customized knowledge checks and retention testing to meet your standards.

managed self directed learning

ELearn supports both Managed Learning (Push) and Self-Directed Learning (Pull) delivery strategies. The Managed approach relies on the establishment of a comprehensive “Framework for Learning”. Individual learning plans are created using the framework and then “pushed” to the learner. ELearn also provides learners the opportunity to “pull” resources by searching the database and launching the resources. The Self-Directed (pull) strategy is controlled through the User Toolbar.