Managed and Self-Directed Learning

ELearn supports both Managed Learning (Push) and Self-Directed Learning (Pull) delivery strategies. The Managed approach relies on the establishment of a comprehensive “Framework for Learning”. Individual learning plans are created using the framework and then “pushed” to the learner. ELearn also provides learners the opportunity to “pull” resources by searching the database and launching the resources. The Self-Directed (pull) strategy is controlled through the User Toolbar.

add content to your system by selecting from our catalog of courses

Pre-developed online training suites, on relevant business topics, can be licensed through our catalog of over 600 courses, available in Suites of 5 per topic category. Company colors and branding can be incorporated.

Smaller businesses wanting online training, without the need of a full Learning Management Solution (LMS), can take advantage of our subscription based service with many of the features of our LMS Platform Solution, making a affordable alternative.


ELearn manages on-demand, web-based training, supported by cloud computing technology infrastructure. Build your business performance by developing your team with self-paced, anytime, anywhere web-based access allows employees, business partners, vendors and stakeholders to access courses and tools at their convenience. Our system can manage more than one method of learning options, to learn the same topic, achieve the same learning outcome, and develop the same competency across your organization.

Managed Strategy through the Framework for Learning

The primary goal of Framework development is to create a comprehensive database of what needs to be learned to meet the business needs of the organization. Our team of specialists wil work with your organization to create Framework to define the knowledge, skill, attitude, and compliance requirements for each aspect of your unique organization.